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If you’re a British citizen planning a trip to Sri Lanka, you have several visa options to consider. The Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is perfect for short stays up to 30 days.

For longer visits, apply for a regular visa through the Sri Lankan High Commission in London. Here are the primary types of visas you can choose from:

Sri Lanka Visa
  • Tourist ETA (E-Visa)
  • Business ETA (E-Business Visa)
  • Standard Tourist Visa
  • Standard Business Visa
  • Transit ETA (E-Transit Visa)
  • Work or Residence Visa
  • Media Personnel Visa
  • Elective Studies or Volunteer Visa.

Tourist ETA (E-Visa)

The tourist ETA is an electronic document that grants you entry to Sri Lanka for tourism. It’s valid for 180 days and allows two entries, each not exceeding 30 days. To apply, fill out the online form, attach a scanned copy of your passport and two photos, and you’ll get an approval letter via email.

Business ETA (E-Business Visa)

The Business ETA works just like the Tourist ETA but is designed for non-profit business activities. It has the same application process and documents, only differing in the purpose of your trip.

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Standard Tourist Visa

This is for those staying longer than 30 days. It’s offered for 1, 2, or 3 months and allows a maximum stay of 90 days. Required documents are pretty basic: valid passport, photographs, and a completed visa form.

Standard Business Visa

If your business trip exceeds 30 days, opt for this visa. The document requirements and application process are similar to the tourist visa, with additional letters from your employer and business partners.

Transit ETA (E-Transit Visa)

You’ll need this if you’re staying briefly in Sri Lanka while en route to another destination. The visa is valid for a 48-hour stay.

Work or Residence Visa

To get this visa, you need prior approval from Sri Lanka’s Immigration Department. Submit required documents like passport, photos, and approval letter to the High Commission.

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Visa for Media Personnel

Special requirements apply to media personnel. You can’t enter on a regular visa; instead, you’ll need an approval letter from the National Film Corporation and other documentation.

Elective Studies or Volunteer Visa

Prior approval is necessary from Sri Lanka’s Immigration Department. The educational institution or NGO you’re associated with must apply on your behalf.

Note: Always ensure that your application is submitted at least two weeks in advance for any type of visa. By knowing your options and following these guidelines, you can make your visa application process hassle-free.

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