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Child Student Visa

Child Student Visa UK – Updated 2021 Guidelines & Information.

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There are multiple visa options, including a short-term study visa, a Tier-4 Child Student Visa, or a general Tier-4 Study Visa. Academic visitors need a standard visit visa. This article specifically discusses the Tier-4 Child Student Visa, ideal for those under 17 years of age and offering long-term stays in the UK, based on your chosen course. Keep reading

When Is The Right Time To Apply For a Tier-4 Child Student Visa?

This visa type is tailored for young learners aged 4 to 17 who aim to join an independent school in the United Kingdom. To qualify, you should already have a school offer, sufficient finances to pay for your studies, and your parents’ or guardian’s permission. Note that this visa isn’t required for those from the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland.

A Tier-4 Child Student Visa allows you to enroll in an independent school and take up part-time work if you’re above 16. You can work up to 10 hours weekly during the school term and full-time during holidays. Some courses include a work placement option, which you can pursue as well.

Limitations of a Tier-4 Child Student Visa

This specific visa doesn’t let you enroll in publicly funded schools or extend your education in a college. You’re also prohibited from full-time employment, accessing public funds, and working in certain professions like medicine or sports. Additionally, this visa doesn’t allow you to bring family members or settle in the UK.

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Courses Accessible Under The Tier-4 Child Student Visa

To apply, you must have an unconditional offer from a school with a Tier-4 sponsorship license.

Courses that fit under this visa type have specific requirements which you should examine closely.

Required Documents

You need to show you have a school offer, sufficient money for your stay, and parental permission to study in the UK. Let’s break these down:

  • Parental Approval for Minors: A letter from your parents or legal guardians, supported by a birth certificate, is necessary.
  • Tuberculosis Test Results: A TB test is obligatory if you’re coming from certain countries.
  • Biometric Data: Your application isn’t complete without your biometric information.
  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS): This digital record is crucial for your application and is supplied by your sponsoring school.

Application Steps

  • Start Online: Check if you need a visa here. If yes, initiate your online application.
  • Biometrics Appointment: Set up a meeting at the nearest visa center for your biometric information.
  • Visa Approval & Next Steps: Typically, the decision takes three weeks. Once approved, a sticker is placed in your passport, allowing you to enter the UK within 30 days.

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Tier-4 Child Student Visa: Timing, Stay Duration, and Costs

Apply no more than three months before your course begins. The length of your stay is dictated by your age and course length. The application fee is £348, with additional healthcare surcharges.

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