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British Citizenship By Birth

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Unique Visa Services UK (UVSUK) offers expert guidance on obtaining British citizenship by birth, a crucial aspect of UK nationality law. Understanding whether you or your child qualifies for British citizenship at birth depends on several factors, including when and where you were born, and your parents’ status.

Eligibility for British Citizenship by Birth

A. Born after 1st January 1983: You are eligible if you were born in the UK, under 18, and at least one parent later became a British citizen or obtained ILR. If born in the UK after this date with at least one parent who was a British citizen or settled (e.g., ILR) at your birth, you’re likely a British citizen by birth.

B. Born before 1983: Generally, if born in the UK before this date, you’re automatically a British citizen. Exceptions include if your father was a diplomat from another country or an ‘enemy alien in occupation’ during World War II in the Channel Islands.

British Citizenship by Descent

If born outside the UK, you may gain ‘British citizenship by descent’ if one of your parents had British citizenship ‘otherwise than by descent’. This citizenship can be passed down one generation if born outside the UK.
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Automatic British Citizenship

Post-1983, British citizenship at birth isn’t automatic. One parent must be a British national or hold settled status. Children of non-British nationals born in the UK can become eligible for citizenship once a parent obtains British citizenship or ILR/EU Settlement Status.

Registering for British Citizenship by Birth

Children born in the UK to non-British nationals can register for citizenship once their parents acquire ILR or Settled Status. Those born in the UK to parents already holding settled status automatically acquire citizenship at birth. If your child is under 18, you must apply for their registration, requiring ILR. Over 13 years can qualify for naturalisation after living in the UK for two years.

Children Born Abroad

Children born outside the UK to at least one British citizen parent are eligible for British nationality. However, if both parents are British by descent, the child must register for nationality.

Application Process

For British citizenship by birth, use Form MN1. This applies to those in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, or British Overseas Territories. It requires details about birth, nationality, parentage, criminal, and immigration history. Parents can apply on behalf of children under 18, supported by two professional referees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility depends on your birth date, birthplace, and your parents’ citizenship or settlement status at the time of your birth.
Yes, through ‘British citizenship by descent’ if one of your parents was a British citizen.
No, specific criteria must be met, including having a parent who is a British national or holds settled status.
Use Form MN1, ensuring all relevant documentation and referee details are provided.
They can acquire nationality but may need to register depending on the parents’ citizenship status.
For detailed assistance with obtaining British Citizenship by Birth, contact UVSUK at [email protected] or call 01619562003. Our expert team is dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance throughout your application process.

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