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Sponsor Licence Renewal

How to Renew Sponsor Licence: 2021 Guide

A sponsor licence is given to eligible UK employers for 4 years. This licence allows organizations to hire non-UK residents and to follow specific guidelines for recruiting in line with UK laws. To keep hiring immigrants, the licence must be renewed before it expires. Here’s a full guide on renewing the licence, including fees and the application process.

When to Renew Your Sponsor Licence.

Renew your licence every four years, and you can apply 3 months before it ends. Your account will show the expiry date, and you’ll get reminders at various intervals. Keep your contact details up to date to receive reminders.

Renewing Your Sponsor Licence.

Log in to the system and apply online. Unique Visa Services can assist you. The renewal requires payment of a licence fee.

What You Need to Know Before Applying.

Update all details in your account, including business information, staff, and new sites before submitting.

Documents Submission for Licence Renewal.

Generally, no documents are required, but if needed, you must submit them within five working days, or face penalties.

Sponsors Who Must Provide New Evidence.

Depending on your business type, you may be asked for additional documents.

Renewal Application Fee.

Fees differ by company size and licence type. Paying the incorrect fee may lead to refusal.

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How UKVI Conducts Sponsor Licence Renewal

Licence Renewal Validation Checks

The validity of an application is checked by three factors:

  • Licence Status
  • Application Fee
  • Outstanding Change Requests

Licence Status Check: Valid if A-rated and active, B-rated, or suspended. If dormant, revoked, or surrendered, it may be rejected.

Application Fee Check: Must be paid correctly. Overpayments will be refunded; underpayments lead to rejection.

Outstanding Change Requests Check: Any unresolved change requests will be assessed.

Other Factors to Consider

UKVI checks if your company:

  • Operates legally in the UK
  • Qualifies as a licenced sponsor
  • Can perform duties as expected.
  • Specific evaluations are done to ensure legality and suitability, which may include site visits if potential risks are detected.

Understanding the Requirements.

Know your category and business type, follow proper timelines, pay appropriate fees, and ensure the correctness of all information. Follow the UKVI guidelines carefully to ensure a smooth renewal process.

This comprehensive guide aims to help you navigate the renewal process efficiently. Any deviation from the requirements could result in delays or rejection of the renewal application. By adhering to all the instructions and guidelines, you can ensure that your business continues to comply with the UK immigration system and operate legally.

UKVI Compliance Visit for Sponsor Licence Renewal.

When you apply for a renewal of your sponsor licence, UKVI officials might visit your business location. The compliance team will conduct checks to assess if your renewal application should be approved. They’ll evaluate whether you have fulfilled your sponsor management duties and whether your sponsored migrant staff is performing the tasks for which they were recruited.

It’s essential to prepare your company before requesting renewal. Ensure all immigration and recruitment documents are updated and available to the UKVI officials during their visit. Any restrictions in accessing necessary information might lead to consequences that could negatively affect your renewal approval and future sponsorships.

Why You Must Renew Your Sponsor Licence Before Expiry Date.

Renewing your application before its expiration is crucial. Failure to do so can lead to serious consequences affecting your business and migrant sponsored employees. The UKVI outlines various scenarios, such as:

  • Expiration of the existing licence if you fail to renew before the scheduled expiry date.
  • Notification to the migrant casework teams to curtail their leave if you still have sponsored migrant employees after the expiry date.
  • Automatic expiration of the licence if you officially decline to renew it using your SMS account.

Applying early also ensures enough time for preparation in case of unexpected situations. Compliance with UK immigration law is vital; failing to maintain a valid sponsor licence is a violation that can negatively impact your sponsored migrant workers.

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Common Grounds for Sponsor Licence Renewal Application Refusal.

The Home Office examines employers more rigorously during renewal compared to the initial application. Reasons for refusal might include:

  • Non-compliance with sponsor licence responsibilities and duties.
  • Failure to keep records updated.
  • Incorrect procedures in offering employment to migrant workers.
  • Incorrect renewal application fee payment.

Non-compliance may lead to penalties, fines, or criminal charges. It emphasizes the importance of adhering to all Home Office requirements.

Sponsor Licence Renewal FAQs.

Receiving a civil penalty may lead to more strict scrutiny and could result in refusal or suspension of your licence.

Ensure all records and information are up to date, and that there’s no risk of violation of immigration law.

It is best not to wait for a grace period. Ensure your contact details are updated on the SMS to receive essential notifications from the Home Office.

An expired licence may require your migrant workers to find another licensed employer within 60 days or leave the UK. It can also lead to legal action or detention, causing stress and embarrassment that could be avoided by timely renewal.

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