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Schengen Visa

If you are planning to travel to Schengen area, we can help you apply for the visa. We can complete your application form, book your appointment with the Visa application centre and guide you about all the requirements of the particular Embassy/Schengen state. If you have got valid Schengen visa, you would be able to travel any of the 26 countries in the Schengen area. The list of Schengen countries is as follow:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxemburg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland

Note: your passport must be valid for at least 90 days beyond the return date of the trip to the Schengen Area.

(Extended passport may still be valid, but when older than 10 years the passport is no longer acceptable; in that case applicant first needs to apply for a new passport)

Why worry when you have trustworthy visa service providers to Schengen?

When you are planning to visit Schengen, then just like all the other foreigners, it is important for you to have a visa to enter into the country. This Schengen visa application process might take around a few days for processing. But you don’t have to waste your precious time roaming, hustling, and bustling for the work to be done.

Because we at Unique visa services offer you with the proper, legal, trustworthy help and guidance throughout the process. We completely stand by you from the start to the end of the process and will help you in getting the work done one time, providing you the best convenience possible. So, please continue scrolling to know more about the Schengen visa.

Get to know more about Schengen visas.

Before you are trying to get a visa for entering into Schengen, there are a few things that have to be understood and known. This is because, similar to other countries, there are so many types of visas that are available to reach Schengen. The most important thing is that, depending upon the purpose of the visit and the duration of stay, these visas will be provided.

To obtain a Schengen visa, the people and citizens must also complete the biometric process (fingerprint scanning), which can be done by visiting visa application centres. The biometric fingerprinting process is applicable to all foreign citizens. The Schengen visa allows you to travel for around 90 days in the EU countries and provides passport-free locations at times.

However, children under 12 years of age are exempt from the biometric process. Foreigners visiting the country for diplomatic and official purposes do not need biometric data. Foreigners who are not citizens wishing to visit Schengen can transit by plane or cruise ship. If the traveler transits on a cruise ship with the help of an officially licensed company, the passenger can stay in Schengen for the dictated hours without a visa.

Thus, all these are a few important points that might be useful for parents with kids under the right age and for people to decide on air and ship to reach the country with a Schengen visa. Another important point is that if you are planning to exit the country by taking air as the medium of transport from a cruise, then it is mandatory for you to have an exit visa.

Types of Schengen visas that can be obtained.

Similar to other countries, there are so many different kinds of Schengen visas that can be obtained to visit the country. These visas include business visas, tourist visas, student visas, etc. thus, please keep reading to know the other different kinds of visas to Schengen.

Are you planning to tour Schengen?

There are so many beautiful places that can be visited in Schengen, but before that, it is important that you have a Schengen tourist visa in hand, which can ensure your entry into the country. If a foreign citizen wishes to enter the country for tourism purposes, he must apply for a Schengen tourist visa. With a tourist visa, foreigners can also participate in exhibitions, auctions, medical consultations, and surveys.

However, passengers cannot carry out any type of commercial activity after entering the country with a tourist visa. Under normal circumstances, the validity period of a Schengen tourist visa is a few number of days, and it can be issued for single and double entry. It should be noted that the validity period of the visa will be the same as the date of your legal invitation. However, in some cases, the consulate will determine the validity of the visa after thoroughly reviewing the application.

If a foreigner intends to extend his stay in Schengen, he should try to extend the visa before it expires. It should be noted that staying longer in Schengen without proper documents will lead to serious legal consequences, and foreign citizens will be forced to face severe measures such as deportation, fines, court hearings, and a re-entry ban when not following the rules might happen. Thus, if you do not want to get stuck in some legal issues, then it is mandatory to have all the documents clear and liable when you are in Schengen.

The points and documents that have to be taken care.

  • Foreign persons must present a passport, which must have a validation of six months with two blank pages. You must confirm that you signed your passport before the travel date. The reason why you should have a signed passport is that so that you are not denied entry to Schengen.
  • Applicants must send photos and must be taken in the last three months. Foreign people need to take a picture taken against a white background and printed on mediocre paper.
  • The applicant needs to show a neutral expression in the photo, which must provide a full perspective.
  • You need to provide tourist vouchers and confirmation to obtain a Schengen tourist visa. Tourist tickets must be signed and recorded by officials approved by Schengen foreign affairs.
  • The Tourism Coupon also needs to take the date of entry and end, which should be the same as that described in the visa application.
  • Visa request forms must be completed correctly, and the applicant must ensure that there is no error. If you think it is not easy to complete the visa application form correctly, you can always use the services of the institution consigned at
  • Unique visa services. Our professional team will help you at every step of the visa application, and it will help you get a tourist visa to Schengen without having to take time and effort.
  • If you are an unemployed or autonomous applicant, you must confirm that you have a sufficient balance for your bank account to help you economically during Schengen’s visit. To prove its economic stability, the UK citizens must submit a bank statement from their last three months and exhibit the lowest credit balance. Note that some Schengen visa UK application forms have been rejected because the applicant has not exceeded the bank account state to prove economic happiness.

Children Tourist visa.

It is mandatory of knowing the difference in procedure or children’s tourist’s visa. These are to ensure the safety of both the children and for the country. It is important that all the documents are properly submitted in order to commence the visa process without any unwanted delay or confusion. If your child is under 18 and shares a passport when travelling to Schengen, you do not need to apply for a visa for the child. 

However, if the parent’s passport does not mention the child’s name, a new visa must be applied for the child. When applying for a child visa, if the minor has only one parent or travels to Schengen alone, the Schengen embassy official can request authorization. If this happens, the parental authorization must be presented and signed in front of a notary public. You don’t have to look for complications in the process. This is because we at Unique visa services have a special team of members who will help and guide you in the process, which makes the work simpler and efficient.

How important is an immigration card?

When you are visiting to Schengen, it is of high importance to have your immigration card. This will be the official proof of the information that will specify your visits to the country. Since it is related to security purposes, it is necessary to maintain an immigration card. Each time you visit Schengen, all foreigners must sign an immigration card.

The immigration card is given by passport control. This immigration card has two identical parts, and travelers must sign these two parts. Some of the immigration cards are detained by the authorities, and the remaining parts must be maintained safely by foreign countries.

Once foreign people leave Schengen, you must send this with your passport control. When you are moving through Schengen, it is very necessary to keep the immigration card safely. Most Schengen hotels and tourists do not give rooms to guests approaching them, even if there is no entry card that cites security reasons. 

If you are a recurrent visitor to Schengen, then the Schengen embassy would have issued you with a few Schengen Visa tourists in the last few months. These people have sent a personal statement, which must detail these frequent visitors. This letter must justify the reason for the new visa issuance, and it is necessary to ensure that the applicant has signed this statement.

These are the reasons why you have to be safe with your immigration cards. Unique visa services will offer you a trustworthy service that will make the best use of your time, money, and trust with legality and respect and help to Apply for a Schengen visa.

Have you heard about Humanitarian visas?

This is one of those types of visas that can be used when you are entering Schengen with regard to cultural events. But, similar to other visas, there are also few important things that have to be taken care of with the humanitarian visas. Humanitarian visas are issued to foreigners visiting Schengen for various cultural purposes and activities related to sports, science and religion.

The period of validity for humanitarian visas ranges from three months to one year and offers single entry, double entry and multiple entry privileges depending on the needs of travelers. To obtain a humanitarian visa, foreign travelers must present various documents, including a blank two-page passport valid for a few months, recent photographs, and visa application forms.

In addition to these usual documents, travelers must also present a letter of invitation issued by the visit details and invitation for the call of visit. A cover letter from the applicant’s UK employer is also required. Another important thing that has to be noted is the invitation letter needs to be stamped with the official seal and legal address of the unit where it belongs, and it needs to specify the date of departure of the foreign tourist, the purpose of departure, and other detailed information.

If the foreign applicant is a self-employed person, they must provide a three-month bank statement. It should be noted that the applicant’s bank statement must show a current balance during the visit. These things are the important documents and the general procedure that will be followed when you are trying to obtain a humanitarian visa to Schengen from the UK.

Highly skilled migrant visa for Schengen.

If a foreign citizen intends to work as a highly qualified expert in Schengen, he must apply for a highly qualified immigration visa. Unlike other visas, the application form for this visa must be filled out in Schengen. In the application form, foreigners must fill in the following information. Visa applicants must fill in the passport information in Schengen.

You must specify information confirming skills in a particular field. If the applicant has professional knowledge or qualifications in a specific field, it should be indicated on the visa application form. Another important thing that has to be noticed is that foreign citizens must understand that high-quality immigrant visas and work visas are completely different.

Thus, when you are a highly skilled professional from the UK who is working in Schengen, then you have to submit all the necessary documents without any deviation, which will help in the process. We at Unique Visa Services have a dedicated team that will help you with all formalities and legalities right from the beginning until you receive your Schengen visa from the UK so that you can fly to Schengen with ease.

Work visa to Schengen.

There are a few important documents, such as an appointment letter and other details, that have to be submitted in order to obtain the work visa to Schengen from the UK. Work visas are issued to foreign citizens who intend to enter Schengen for work.

The validity period of a work visa ranges from a minimum of few days to a maximum of mentioned years. This duration day visas can be used for single and double entry, while visas exceeding this validity period provide multiple entry privileges.

In addition to providing basic document requirements such as passports, photos, and visa application forms, foreigners must also submit a business cover letter from the country’s employer and an invitation letter from a Schengen entity.

It should be noted that the invitation letter must be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its regional representative. It is also necessary to note that, in order to obtain a work visa, a foreigner must also present a medical certificate within three months from the date of submission of the application.

The person applying for a work visa must also have an HIV-negative certificate. If you already have a valid visa, you must cancel it before applying for a new work visa. Another important thing that has to be kept in mind is about the duration of stay. It is not recommended to stay in Schengen after your visa duration in order to avoid any legal problems and extreme action. But there are certain other procedures that have to be followed when you are planning to extend the duration of your stay in Schengen.

Private visa to Schengen.

For some people, you might want to visit a friend or relative in Schengen, for which a private visa will help you in this process. Similar to other visas, even a private visa will be provided by the embassy only after providing legal documents. If foreigners want to visit relatives or friends living in Schengen, they can apply for a private visa. To obtain a private visa, foreigners must present the following documents.

The passport has enough expiration dates and blank pages. Colour photographs were taken in the last three months, and older photos might be accepted by the embassy for your visa. An invitation letter approved by the Schengen Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required.

The applicant must submit a bank statement to prove its financial stability. The visa application form must be filled incorrectly. Sometimes people may find it difficult to fill out the visa application form. But with Unique visa service providers by your side, the entire process will look seemingly simple, faster, and much effective. All supporting documents and files must be in English or Schengen only.

If you answered “No” to questions from previous employment and educational institutions, it is necessary to send a signed cover letter along with your visa application form to confirm the same. Thus, this invitation letter will help with the cross-verification and checking process that is related to security purposes.

How to obtain a student’s visa to Schengen?

If you are a student who wants to pursue your education in Schengen, then your purpose of visiting the country will be a student visa. Students who have been admitted to Schengen educational institutions can apply for student visas. It should be noted that students who come to Schengen for short-term courses must also apply for this visa to enter the country.

To obtain a Schengen student visa, the applicant must present a passport, visa application form, and photo. Foreigners must also provide the original invitation letter issued by the Immigration Administration of the Schengen Ministry of Internal Affairs. When applying for a student visa, the applicant must also present an HIV-negative certificate.

For single and multiple entry visas, foreign citizens must keep the immigration card in a safe place until they leave Schengen. If the entry and exit cards are lost or damaged, the foreigner must contact the local government quickly and request a copy of the card. Thus, it is always better to keep your cards and other legal documents safe and under your control.

There are so many procedures and rules that have to be followed while obtaining a student visa. But a team of efficient members will be appointed by the Unique visa service providers to maintain your work of getting a visa to look easy and simple.

A look into the transit visa.

When you are planning to stay in Schengen during your travel to another country for a flight or any other medium of transport, then this transit visa will provide you some time to stay in Schengen for the same. Although passport-free, people and citizens must meet the following criteria when staying in the country during this period. They are:

  • A valid passport with blank pages is necessary when you are staying in the country during your transit which will ensure space for a few authorized details to be filled if any.
  • Foreigners must stay in the transit area of ​​the airport and will not be encouraged to be involved in any unwanted or illegal activities that can be condemned, and punishments will be provided legally.
  • The people must continue to travel on the same airline without changing the terminal, which has to be followed as a matter of security reasons.
  • Passengers must transit anywhere outside of the cities mentioned by the officials and are recommended to follow the rules and regulations during the transit.
  • Foreigners must have sufficient funds and must have all the necessary documents to reach the next destination. This will also help you to make sure that you do not get stuck in Schengen even after your transit allowed duration.
  • Foreigners staying in Schengen for more than 24 hours must apply for a transit visa and submit passports, visa application forms, photos, proof of travel arrangements, full vouchers, and other materials and funds, which is mandatory.

All these steps have to be followed so that, you do not get stuck in any unwanted situation. If you need any clarifications regarding the same you can feel free to contact Unique visa service providers.

Bottom line

Thus, these are the important points that have to be considered when you are interested in reaching Schengen and obtaining a visa. We at Unique Visa Service will provide you with help and guidance only after a small verification of your documents which ensures that we are maintaining legality and a trustworthy service.

We at Unique Visa Services help you throughout your Visa process journey to make it a successful one. For more information, please visit our website https://www.uvsuk.co.uk/ or dial to +441619562003 and +442072052282. You can also reach us via mail [email protected].


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