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Is Unique Visa Services Your Top Pick for an India Tourist Visa UK?

When planning a remarkable journey to India tourist visa UK then securing a dependable and efficient visa service is vital. Amongst the wide variety of alternatives readily available, Unique Visa Services ticks out as a leading competitor for acquiring your India Tourist Visa in UK.
Unique Visa Services has made credibility for its dedication to client fulfillment and structured visa application processes. With a year of successful processes, this turning point mirrors the dependability and reliability the firm has instilled in its clients.
Among the crucial factors establishing Unique Visa Services is its commitment to streamlining the typically intricate visa application treatments. Browsing the bureaucratic maze can be a complicated task, however, with a knowledgeable team, the process comes to be smooth. We are known for providing clear and thorough support.
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Timeliness is an additional forte of Unique Visa Services. Identifying the significance of punctual visa handling, they strive to deliver results within affordable timeframes. Whether you are preparing for a spontaneous getaway or organizing a trip well beforehand. India tourist visa in UK reliable solutions cater to varied timelines, making certain that your itinerary continues to be unrestricted.
Moreover, Unique Visa Services prides itself on its customer-centric technique. The team is readily available to resolve questions and worries. We offer tailored assistance throughout the application process. This dedication to superb customer care has garnered positive evaluations and endorsements from completely satisfied customers.
Unique Visa Services stands as a trustworthy and customer-friendly option for getting your India Tourist Visa UK. With a proven performance history and a committed group. Leaving your visa application to Unique Visa Services guarantees a smooth and hassle-free beginning to your Indian adventure.
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Complete the Embassy Visa Application Form

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Send Via Secure Mail To Our Office

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Wait for the visa to arrive via secure mail

#1. Information.

Activities Allowed

  • Tourist
  • Visiting Family

Processing Time

  • up to 10 Working Days
  • 48 Working Hours

Duration of Visa

  • Upto 12 Months

Embassy Fee

  • 178.86

UVS Service Fee

  • 10 Working Days £150
  • 48 working hours £200


  • 10 Working Days £328.86
  • 48 working hours £378.86


  • Special Delivery £12
  • 9am Delivery £25
  • Saturday Guaranteed Delivery £25
  • 9am Saturday Guaranteed £35
  • Courier Varies

#2. Requirements.


Passports should be:

  • Valid for at least the next 6 months from exit out
  • Two totally blank pages. One page is for the visa, the other is for the stamp(does not include the page reserved for “observations”.


A copy of passport photo page
Photographs Two recent (under 6 month old) passport photo (50mm x 50mm) taken against a white background.

Application Form

Complete Indian Visa Form

Pakistani Passport

Please note anyone related to Pakistan must apply in person. Unfortunately we are unable to help in anyway. This means any document information, time, form filling etc. Please see Embassy website below for further help




  • 2 Utility Bills. One must be under 1 months and the other 2 year old. Both bills must be from the same provider
  • Non UK or EU/EEA passport holders must have a valid UK visa in their passport and should provide the original and a copy of their permanent residence or work permit which should be valid for at least half a year(except for those who are visa or permit exempt for residing or working in the UK).

How Can Unique Visa Services Assist with Your Tourist Visa India from UK Application??

Unique Visa Services emerges as a trusted ally in promoting a seamless and worry-free application process for your Tourist Visa India from UK. Leveraging a wealth of experience and a customer-centric method, Unique Visa Services uses important support at every action.
Navigating the intricacies of the tourist Visa application can be overwhelming. However, with Unique Visa Services, applicants gain from a group of skilled experts dedicated to streamlining the procedure.
From giving comprehensive support on called-for paperwork to supplying clarity on applications. The experience of Unique Visa Services ensures that candidates are educated and positive throughout the application journey.
The effectiveness of Unique Visa Services is reflected in its dedication to timely processing. Comprehending the importance of a quick turnaround. The company undertakes to reduce handling times, accommodating both spontaneous travel plans and efficient itineraries. This devotion to promptness sets Unique Visa Services apart as a trustworthy companion in understanding your traveling goals.
Moreover, Unique Visa Services differentiates itself through its receptive and customer-friendly strategy. The team is conveniently available to answer questions, offer updates, and offer personalized support. Additionally, it fosters a feeling of trust and integrity among applicants.
In summary, when considering your tourist Visa India from UK application, turn to Unique Visa Services. For a mix of expertise, efficiency, and outstanding client service, ensuring a convenient and successful visa acquisition procedure.

Why Choose Us?

Unique visa services will help you move to UK, get your e-visas and Travel visas done in no time. Moreover, passport renewal and document legalisation are just a matter of few clicks with us. UVS is your one-stop corporate service provider who along with other established parties offers high quality assurance for your relocation, insurance needs and secure your visa efficiently.

If you live or work in Central London, Unique Visa Services will arrange for your documents to be collected FREE OF CHARGE!

Established in 2008, our expert professionals have delivered over 47,000 successful visa applications from all around the world- this is how we justify us! We strive really hard to meet our customer’s expectations. Expert professionals who know all the ins and outs of visa application procedure are the secret behind our high success rate.

At UVS, we have an extraordinary team of masters who adore effective listening and excellent communication skills. Our humble staff provides best in class customer support through all possible means of communication. In case of emergencies where you need urgent passport and visas, speak to our advisors and get everything done in shortest possible time. We also make sure that you get your passport and visas safe and secure.

Seeking an India Visa Tourist UK? Trust Unique Visa Services for Expert Guidance

Starting a journey to India Visa Tourist UK requires a meticulous strategy for visa purchase, and Unique Visa Services attracts attention as a reliable source for expert advice in this endeavor. As you contemplate your India Visa Tourist application, think about the benefits of entrusting the procedure to Unique Visa Services.
Unique Visa Services boasts a group of experienced professionals fluent in the intricacies of the visa application process. India tourist visa UK expert guidance assists candidates in understanding and assembling the essential paperwork, guaranteeing a detailed and exact submission. This expertise minimizes the probability of mistakes and quickens the total application process.
Additionally, Unique Visa Services identifies the value of clear interaction and clear processes. This is as you browse the intricacies of obtaining a tourist Visa India from UK. Our group continues to be easily accessible to attend to questions, offer updates, and give tailored support. This dedication to consumer contentment imparts self-confidence in candidates, promoting a credible relationship throughout the visa application journey.
In conclusion, when looking for an India Visa Tourist UK, Unique Visa Solutions becomes a trustworthy partner, offering not only expert advice but also a customer-centric strategy that prioritizes quality, effectiveness, and peace of mind. Trust Unique Visa Services to browse the details of the visa application, guaranteeing a smooth and successful experience.
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What Are the India Tourist Visa Fees from UK? Let Unique Visa Services Explain

Navigating the landscape of India tourist visa fees from UK can be a complex job. However, Unique Visa Services provide a clear and insightful strategy to help you understand the costs included. As you make your itinerary, consider the service given by Unique Visa in explaining the complexities of India Tourist Visa costs.
We take pride in its commitment to clearness and openness. The group is committed to giving candidates a detailed breakdown of the visa fees. This guarantees that people have a detailed understanding of the economic aspects associated with their travel plans. This openness reaches any kind of processing fee, allowing applicants to prepare their budget plan properly.
About the India tourist visa UK fees, Unique Visa provides tailored support to attend to any inquiries candidates may have concerning the financial aspects of the application procedure. By choosing India tourist visa fees from UK Services, you not only acquire clarity on the fees involved.
But also benefit from a supportive and customer-centric service that values transparency and ease of understanding. Count on Unique Visa Services to lead you with the ins and outs of India Tourist Visa fees. Let us help with a smooth and educated application procedure.

Looking For a Professional Visa Company?

India Tourist Visa for UK Citizens: A Seamless Process by Unique Visa Services

Embarking on a trip to India tourist visa for UK citizens becomes an easy and structured experience with the committed services of Unique Visa Services. Advertised for its commitment to quality, the firm guarantees a seamless procedure for acquiring an India Tourist Visa. We cater especially to the needs of UK citizens.
Unique Visa Services recognizes the special requirements of UK, and their team of specialists excels in simplifying the visa application journey. From providing clear directions on required paperwork to helping with the conclusion of the application. The India tourist visa UK procedure is made comprehensible and effective.
What sets Unique Visa Services apart is its skilled handling of the details associated with safeguarding an India Tourist Visa for UK citizens. With a focus on decreasing handling times, the agency enables travelers to plan their Indian experience with confidence.
Moreover, Unique Visa prides itself on its customer-centric strategy. As UK citizens explore the possibility of an Indian excursion. The firm’s responsive and supportive team is available to attend to questions, provide updates, and offer personalized support.
This is to ensure an easy and pleasurable visa application experience. Choose Unique Visa Services for a smooth and hassle-free process, making your Tourist Visa India from UK journey unforgettable.

Wondering How to Apply for India Tourist Visa from UK? Follow Unique Visa Services' Guide

Navigating the procedure to apply for India Tourist Visa from UK comes to be an uncomplicated venture with the detailed support given by Unique Visa Services. For people contemplating the details of the application process. Unique Visa Services stands apart as a reliable source, providing a step-by-step overview to ensure a smooth and successful visa application.
The Unique Visa Services guide untangles the complexities of the application, providing clear instructions on the necessary documentation and highlighting essential steps in the procedure. Whether you are a first-time traveler or a seasoned traveler. The guide satisfies all, providing a useful understanding of the particular demands for acquiring an India tourist Visa.
By complying with the Unique Visa Services guide, applicants get a deeper understanding of the application forms and the overall procedure. This resource helps lessen the possibilities of errors and non-inclusion, improving the efficiency of the application procedure.
Moreover, the guide reflects Unique Visa Services’ dedication to consumer fulfillment. This provides a user-friendly resource that encourages applicants to apply for India Tourist Visa from UK application journey with confidence.
Select Unique Visa Services for a comprehensive and informative overview. This is to make sure that your India tourist visa UK is a knowledgeable and effective venture.

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