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Hire Foreign Nationals (UK)

Employing Foreign Nationals: A Comprehensive Guide.

In the wake of Brexit, the rules around hiring EU workers in the UK have changed. EU citizens who arrived in the UK before December 31, 2020, had until June 30, 2021, to register under the EU settlement scheme. With EU settled status, they and their families can live and work in the UK without needing a visa. As an employer, this means you won’t need a special license to hire these workers.

Sponsor License Requirements.

Understanding the eligibility criteria for a sponsor license is crucial before you proceed with the application. Unique Visa Services is well-versed in the Home Office’s requirements. To sum up, your organization must:

  • Operate legitimately and in full compliance with UK law.
  • Have a UK-based location.
  • Adhere to immigration controls, meaning you must not hire illegal workers.
  • Be in good standing, without any prior revocation of a sponsor license within the past year.
  • Employ reliable personnel to manage the employment sponsorship process.

To successfully obtain a sponsor license, you must also prove that you meet specific compliance responsibilities. These include maintaining accurate HR records for sponsored employees and reporting any significant changes to UKVI promptly.

UK Skilled Worker Visa

The Skilled Worker Visa is the most popular option, though there are various other routes depending on the job and worker’s qualifications. The visa duration is flexible, and the length will depend on how long you intend to employ the worker. A points-based system is used to determine eligibility, and some points can be “traded” for qualifications like a relevant Ph.D.

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Other Visa Options

Various work visas are available, each catering to different circumstances. For instance, the Health & Care Worker visa is aimed at healthcare professionals. Unique Visa Services can guide you through these options to help you make an informed choice.

Immigration Compliance

All employers in the UK must adhere to the prevention of illegal working, involving verification of a worker’s right to work in the UK. Non-compliance can result in severe civil and criminal penalties, including fines and imprisonment.

How Unique Visa Services Can Assist You?

We offer a comprehensive employer sponsorship license application service. Our team of UK immigration specialists are experts in documentation and evidentiary requirements essential for a hassle-free application process. We also offer advisory services on how to manage your license effectively.

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FAQs on Employing Foreign Workers

Both EU and non-EU workers are subject to the UK’s points-based system. A valid sponsor license is required for specific visa types.

Yes, provided you have the required permissions like a sponsor license.

Foreign employees must be paid through the PAYE system with standard National Insurance deductions.

EU workers with settled or pre-settled status do not need a work visa.

For further guidance on sponsor license application and best practices, Unique Visa Services is at your service to ensure a smooth and effective process.

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